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Bed sheet là gì

14:12, 31/10/2021
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Whether you prefer flat sheets or fitted bed sheets, both are used for the same purpose – lớn protect the mattress và create a comfortable, smooth surface khổng lồ lie on. When buying your bed linen you need to lớn decide if the bed sheet should pull snugly over the mattress, so that it’s less likely to come loose, or if you want it lớn fold easily & neatly when not in use. Some of us love sầu the simplithành phố và speedy fitting of fitted sheets, while others prefer a flat pile of folded sheets & an extra layer of covers as we sleep.Quý Khách đang xem: Bed sheet là gì


If you value a truly luxurious sleeping experience và enjoy soft, sumptuous bed linen, you might lượt thích to lớn know how we use flat sheets and fitted sheets. So, here’s the lowdown on all things sheet-related, plus an explanation of the differences between fitted và flat sheets.

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How to lớn choose a fitted sheet

Traditionally, fitted sheets cover the mattress – the elastic b& holds them firmly in right place. Their function is to protect the mattress & ensure a smooth, soft surface for you khổng lồ lie on. When purchasing fitted sheets, it’s important lớn have sầu the right dimensions of a mattress. You need lớn know the length, width & thickness to lớn ensure the fitted sheet will pull snugly over the mattress & not be easily pulled off. The wrong kích cỡ fitted sheet simply will not be able to lớn go neatly round the corners, và will not stay in place.

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How is a flat sheet used?

Choosing bed sheets

Both flat sheets and fitted sheets can be made from all types of fabric, but we strongly recommkết thúc linen sheets. We’ve discussed the many benefits of linen bed linen sets in this post, but – in short – we love linen sheets as they are soft, breathable, durable, sustainable and super comfortable for your skin.


Whatever your sheet style preference, new bedlinen is the perfect way lớn refresh your bedroom và create a fresh look. Choose clean whites & minimadanh sách greys for a Scandi vibe, or rich jewel tones for an enticing, sensuous aesthetic.