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Easy to lớn make financial transaction via Internet connected devices, and now almost all customers can trust Internet Banking - grumpygourmetusa.com F

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st I-ngân hàng as an indispensable assistant.Apart from various services including payment of air ticket, electriđô thị bill, Mobile bill, insurance premium, credit thẻ, internal or external ngân hàng transfer; ngân hàng statement, balance query, management of account, loan, saving information management of credit thẻ transactions; tự động hóa debit, etc, Techcomngân hàng is proud lớn offer customers other outstanding features on Internet Banking, not only optimizing Internet Banking service but also minimizing time spending to approach branches/TSO/kiosks of our customers.Online saving – never ever been so convenientOnline saving product offers excellent features, enabling customers khổng lồ place saving anytime & anywhere with attractive interest rate & multiple tenor options. Customers can easily make transaction 24/24 via Internet Banking service of Techcomngân hàng.Online saving is a time deposit sản phẩm with interest paid on the deposit amount; accordingly customers may open online saving account by transferring from current account khổng lồ online saving trương mục lớn enjoy high interest rate. Customers may register và apply the saving account via F
st I-bank of Techcomngân hàng. At maternity date, the principal and interest amount are transferred to lớn current trương mục of customers or the interest amount is transferred to current trương mục, principal amount is rolled over khổng lồ identical tenor depending on customer’s choice.Online lending against passbook – Another option for customers in needOnline loan against passbook is a lending hàng hóa for customer’s consuming purpose, accordingly customers can use the amount placed on Online saving account to secure for the loan & for disbursement request via F

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st I-ngân hàng. grumpygourmetusa.com processes direct disbursement on customer’s current account.The hàng hóa brings about various benefits for customers by being combined with F
st I-ngân hàng features, in details:+ Customers can actively handle in case of unexpected financial dem& và meanwhile maintain the saving with high interest rate.+ Anytime and anywhere transaction on devices with Internet connection: disbursement, settlement, termination.+ Simple & quick process; disburse directly to current trương mục of customers with competitive interest rate.Require only first time registration at Techcomngân hàng branches/TSO khổng lồ be eligible for the product/service during lending tenor.Please kindly liên hệ your Priority Relationship Manager for further product details và tư vấn.