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Give way to là gì

15:48, 12/10/2021

give sầu way khổng lồ (someone or something)

To yield or give precedence lớn someone or something.

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Though we may not agree with them, we have khổng lồ give sầu way to younger voters eventually. They are the future of the country, for better or worse. This is a pedestrian shopping area, so cars and motorcycles must give way to people on foot. My grief gave sầu way to anger when I realized that Tom had been responsible.See also: give, way

give sầu way to someone or something

to yield khổng lồ someone or something; to give sầu preference lớn someone or something. The cars gave sầu way to lớn the pedestrians. The motorboats have sầu lớn give way lớn the sailboats.See also: give, way

give way to

1 allow yourself lớn be overcome by or khổng lồ succumb lớn (an emotion or impulse). 2 be replaced or superseded by.See also: give, waySee also:

give sầu way to

give way to see give way, def. 4 and 5.

give sầu way to|give|give way

v. phr. 1a. To make room for; allow khổng lồ go or pass; yield to lớn. John gave sầu way khổng lồ the old lady & let her pass.

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1b. To allow khổng lồ decide. Mrs. Rogers gave way lo her husb& in buying the oto. 1c. To đại bại control of (your feelings), not hold bachồng. Timmy gave sầu way lớn his feelings when his dog died. 2. or give place to lớn . To be replaced by. Radio has given way lớn television in popularity. When she saw the clowns, the little girl"s tears gave sầu way lo laughter.
give sầu khổng lồ underst& give tongue give sầu tongue khổng lồ give trouble give sầu under threat of give up give sầu up (something) as a bad job give sầu up as lost give sầu up for dead give up for lost give up hope give up on (someone or something) give sầu up the cause give sầu up the fight give sầu up the ghost give sầu up the ghost, lớn give sầu up the struggle Give us the tools, and we will finish the job Give us the tools, & we will finish the job. give vent to lớn give sầu vent to something give voice lớn give sầu voice khổng lồ (something) give sầu voice khổng lồ something give way give sầu way khổng lồ give way khổng lồ (someone or something) give sầu weight to give weight to lớn (something) give wing to lớn give sầu wing lớn (something) give with give sầu with (something) give with one hvà và take away with the other give with something give sầu witness lớn (something) give you a lift? give sầu you the willies give sầu your eye teeth for give your eye teeth for something/to vì chưng something give your head a shake give your mind to something give your name to lớn give your right arm give yourself airs give yourself/put on airs give/allow somebody/something free/full rein give/lose ground give/pay heed give/send my love sầu khổng lồ somebody toàn thân giveaway give the willies give thought lớn give lớn understand give sầu up give up the ghost give up the ship give voice give way give sầu way to give-and-take giveaway given to glad hand glad rags glance off glass jaw globe-trotter
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