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16:55, 16/10/2021
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quote /kwout/ danh từ (thông tục) lời trích dẫn; đoạn trích dẫn (số nhiều) dấu ngoặc kép ngoại động từ trích dẫn (đoạn văn...) đặt giữa dấu ngoặc kép định giá
định giáxác định giáLĩnh vực: toán & tintrích dẫn, định giádouble quotedấu ngoặc kép "double quote ("")dấu quoặc kép "double quote characterký tự dấu phẩy képpull quoteđoạn tríchsingle quotedấu nháy đơnsingle quotedấu nháy đơn "báo giáall-in price quote: bao gồm cả báo giáclosing quote: báo giá kết thúcfee for quote: sự báo giáfirm quote: báo giá khẳng địnhmandatory quote period: thời gian báo giá bắt buộccho giáđịnh thị giánever quote two priceskhông hai giásubject quotegiá báo tạm o xác định giá



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Từ điển Collocation

quote noun

1 words taken from a book, etc.

ADJ. famous, memorable, quotable | direct, verbatim a direct quote from this morning"s paper

VERB + QUOTE take quotes taken from various lifestyle magazines

QUOTE + VERB come from sth The quote of the week comes from Mae West.

PREP. ~ from a quote from Albert Einstein

2 price that will be charged for a piece of work

ADJ. written | free

VERB + QUOTE give (sb) | get, obtain Always get a written quote before proceeding with work. | accept

PREP. ~ for a quote for the hire of the equipment

Từ điển WordNet


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name the price of

quote prices for cars

put quote marks around

Here the author is quoting his colleague

Investopedia Financial Terms

1. The last price at which a security or commoditytraded, meaning the most recent price on which a buyer and seller agreed and at which some amount of theasset was transacted.2. The bid or ask quotes are the most current prices and quantitiesat which the shares can be bought or sold. The bid quote shows the price and quantity at which a currentbuyer is willing to purchase the shares, while the ask shows what a current participant is willing to sell the shares for.This is alsoknownas an asset"s "quoted price".
Investopedia Says:
1. Quotesfor stock and bond prices change throughout the trading day as new transactions occur one after another in a continual stream of trades.When you look up a stock quote for a given company, you are looking at the most recent price at which a trade was successfully executed for that particular security.2. Potential investors or sellers in a company are more concerned about the bid and ask quotes as they reflect at what prices the stock can be bought or sold, while the price quote as defined in the first definition shows the price at which the stock traded most recently.
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English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

quotes|quoted|quotingsyn.: cite echo illustrate refer to repeat

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