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01:01, 30/03/2021

What makes a good music video clip (MV)? Son Tung M-TPhường. has an answer in his newest MV product “Chung Ta Cua Hien Tai.”

“Chung Ta Cua Hien Tai” has everything that a good MV of 20đôi mươi should have. Dramatic flow of the storyline, good music, beautiful backgrounds, attractive sầu starring actors and actresses, and catchy cinematic effects, all of them combine perfectly in the newest MV of Son Tung M-TP.. and once again prove sầu the class of the young singer.

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Son Tung M-TP. knows exactly how lớn surprise his fans and music spectators whenever the singer drops a new song. When he dropped the hit-maker “Hay Trao Cho Anh”, it reached 50 million views in just 3 days and trăng tròn hours.

Son Tung are also famous world wide for some other hits such as “Cgiỏi Ngay Di”, “Cu Ngo Yeu La Day”, “Lac Troi”, …. Since his debut in 2013, the singer from Tnhị Binc (Vietnam) has shown his talent as a Pop, R&B, và Rap singer. His music genre flexibility và his good-looking appearance collaborate và create a wonderful talent for Vietnamese music. Besides being a singer, Son Tung is an influencer và a CEO of M-TPhường Entertainment Corporation.

Bachồng with his music career, the total view of “Hay Trao Cho Anh” was an incredible record for the singer & his team M-TPhường. Entertainment company. But that number can potentially be broken by “Chung Ta Cua Hien Tai.”

Good music, outstanding background, & amazing dresses, 3 important factors that create a good MV are summoned in the newest hàng hóa of Song Tung M-TPhường. The music đoạn Clip of Son Tung started with a mysterious scene within which he fell from – kind of – a cliff or a top of a building. That scene was quite mystical, but then it led into a dramatic & beautiful love story. After the mystical fall at the beginning, Son Tung appeared in a charisma suit accompanied by his fellows và visited lớn a small Vietnamese cuisine.

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He met such a beautiful girl in that place và asked her out. The couple have sầu a poetic relationship, but then was seperated by a gang that has unfinished business with Son Tung. In order to lớn save his girl, Son Tung accepted khổng lồ sacrifice his life and fall from the sky.

Poster of the Clip.

In general, the MV will convince viewers with outstanding cinematic effects và glamourous starring actress. Nonetheless, it suffers from such a minor problem which is the ending scene. It was partially touching, but I wish it could be clearer about the fall of Son Tung. How he fell? Where he fell? And why he fell? I got to lớn have sầu an answer.

Another little set baông chồng of this MV is the advertisement at the very ending minutes. It is quite too obvious và khổng lồ some extent ungrateful. Perhaps, those little drawbacks change, then it will be a perfect hàng hóa. However, it honestly could not be a better version than it is right now. “Chung Ta Cua Hien Tai” is still a trendy đoạn Clip at this moment on YouTube. Probably, after I finish this piece, the total of view for it might increase to more than 3 million.