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To name a few là gì

16:39, 29/10/2021
How would you explain the differences between using "for example" và "just lớn name a few" in the following multiple choice:

Your điện thoại thông minh might give you a wake up Điện thoại tư vấn, send you emails, help you khổng lồ order a high-speed rail ticket and lớn book a hotel room for the weekkết thúc conference, _.* (A) just to lớn name a few (B) for example

I"d certainly choose (A), but I don"t think I can adequately explain to my students their difference, except perhaps that for example seems khổng lồ rarely follow such a long danh sách of items containing phrases.

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For example is the correct answer for that multiple choice question. Just to lớn name a few is wrong because the phrase a few, which functions as a pronoun because it replaces the missing phrase has many functions, refers lớn nothing. The full sentence would be something like this:

Your smartphone, which has many functions, might give you a wake up Call, skết thúc you emails, và help you order a high-speed rail ticket or book a khách sạn room for a weekend conference, just to name a few.

Bạn đang xem: To name a few là gì

Without the relative clause, the answer has to be for example:

Your smartphone might give you a wake up Gọi, send you emails, and help you order a high-speed rail ticket or book a hotel room for a weekover conference, for example.

Because the first sentence is only implied, just to lớn name a few is semantically incorrect.

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answered May 2 "13 at 9:09
AndyC: Yes, of course "a few" refers khổng lồ those functions, but this is a question of syntax as well as semantics. Because the semantics don't support the use of that pronoun because there's no referent, there can be no pronoun. The point is not that the sentence can't be understood once the reader thinks about it a bit, but that when writing, one does not want khổng lồ create discourse that forces the reader to lớn make unnecessary inferences or lớn have sầu to stop reading và think about awkward syntax.
May 3 "13 at 3:53
This is quite different from poetry & Finnegans Wake, which demand that you read slowly, reread, reread, và reread, và then think hard about what you've read. Most language is used to communicate as clearly as possible, except, of course, where the writers & speakers are interested in bamboozling the audience: politicians, confidence men, advertisers, và liars or other types. Your sentence is standard expository prose & shouldn't prompt the reader or listener to ask "'To name a few' what?"
May 3 "13 at 3:58

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