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2. would3. got4. so5. there6. are7. am8. looks9. have10. think11. not12. ever"}>" data-test="answer-box-list">

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work in pairs & make dialogues using 1-6.Then continue the dialogues with your own ideas пж пж помогите​
ПОМОГИТЕ СРОЧНОЗдесь нужно дать совет по этому случиюдаю 15 балловYou're at home page alone. A man from an electric company comes;
Collect informationabout a statue or monument in yourcountry. Write a short text about it orprepare a presentation. Use the passive sầu.Present it khổng lồ the…class.​
have, do/go12 Complete the sentences with a word that goeswithhave/do/go. They are on page 70 of the Student's Book.Do the crossword.2. We went on ___…_ to lớn Spain. 3. It's late & I'm tired. I want to lớn go ___ now. 4. It was a lovely day so I went for a ____ with my dog. 9. I went ____ yesterday & I bought a new jumper. 10. I have a ____ every morning, not a bath.11. I go to the thể hình every day. I lượt thích to bởi some ____.​

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B) Write some/any1. He hasn't gottica2.-We boughtbananas.breakfast3.-Ricky didn't catyesterday.4.-Miriam threw awayold clothes.5.- There werekids in t…he park6.-John wrote ......good books.7.-Victor gave sầu memoney.8.- Barbara doesn't get sugar.9.- You monoged good news.​
Which type of football is an internationalsport?2 How often is the FIFA World CupTM?3 What do you play football on?4 What vị they Điện thoại tư vấn this in the…USA?5 What shape is the ball in Australian-rulesfootball?6 What is the Super Bowl?7 Who plays in it?
Task 1. Complete the sentences....1. When she knew that her father died she broke .... in tears.2. Mike & I have sầu broken ..........3. When he saw his…daughter he broke .......... a broad smile.4. Clouds are breaking ..... but the weather is dicey.5. Thegaragehas been broken .......... three times this year.6. Our car broke .......... about five kilometers out of the đô thị and we had khổng lồ walk trang chính.7. The crowd broke .....8. Thief broke .......... ngân hàng lavatory.9. School will break... next month.10. The prisoner broke ..........​
40a Complete the sentences with a superlative.Is this the noisiest city in the world?noisy)1 Yesterday wasday of the year. hot2 This istime to lớn drive sầu t…hrough the đô thị centre3 She'sperson in the class. friendly4 This ispart of the exam. important5 Themonth to lớn visit is September good6 It'sthành phố in the world. pollutedTheI've sầu ever flown is lớn nước Australia tar​
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